Barry pools resources for #PullingOurWeight clean-up

Bendricks beach close to the Barry site in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan is 200kg lighter of waste thanks to a clean-up campaign inspired by the Ocean Conservancy and supported by Dow.

Dow is participating in more waterway clean-ups than ever before alongside the Ocean Conservancy and other local organizations, with the 2018 #PullingOurWeight Clean-up Initiative promoting the need to be more responsible with our environments when it comes to trash and litter.

Dow colleagues joined forces with Barry site partners, Just Perfect Catering and MSS Waste Management, as well as a couple of enthusiastic dogs(!) to brave the pouring rain, collecting a staggering 200kg of waste from the beach in just two hours.

Paul Mugford, Training Coordinator, who helped drive the Barry event alongside lead organisers Leanne Richards and Sean Murphy, joined over 80 volunteers to mount the clean-up and support Dow’s 2025 Sustainability Goals at the same time.

“Dow is committed to keeping waste out of the environment, and we wanted to play our part at Barry as the local environment is so special to us,” he said. “We wanted to “pull our weight” by pledging to collect a minimum of four pounds of waste from our local beach – the global average amount of waste that each individual produces in a day.

Sean Murphy agreed, making the point that such efforts are ongoing.

“The beach clean was part of an ongoing environmental, educational and charity program, which strengthens the relations between the Barry site and its local community,” he explained. “We can all make a commitment to pull our weight on a regular basis and to continue to be part of the solution to reduce waste and keep our communities clean.”

Site Leader Eduardo Gadea was equally impressed by the great turn out from colleagues – particularly given the appalling weather.

“I really want to express how much I value the dedication and courage of Barry site employees, as well as family, friends and business partners,” he said. “The weather was awful, but we still had fun, did a fantastic job and heightened visibility of Dow’s commitment to the environment and our community at the same time.”

Even if you missed the Dow clean-up events, you can plan your own clean up using the Ocean Conservancy’s online resources, or join a public event organized by the Ocean Conservancy.